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How Do We Sing?

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“Bellabird and the Butterfly.”

*It seemed as though communication was taking place, whether through the butterfly not feeling threatened into flying away, or perhaps through the simple act of mimicry.  We’d like to believe they were making friends!

Take care and Happy Summer!

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Posted 348 weeks ago

Episode 5 is Here!!!  After some soul-searching and peeling away at the layers of this story to get to its truth, we finally feel ready to let it fly off into the world.  Our little puppet friends have become very much like family.  Happy Spring to you, and take care until next time.

How Do We Sing?

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Friends: Episode 4 is here!!!  This adventure deals with fear, dreams, and how far one goes to protect their family. Filmed over the course of eight months, this is the darkest, wildest, and most ambitious episode to date! Watch above or below, or visit, and be sure to share How Do We Sing? with someone you love! (for the best clarity, keep your YouTube settings at 1080p HD!).

How Do We Sing?

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