Opening Credits - Full Version ("The Lark," by Beaten By Yuri)

Beaten By Yuri - The Lark (Excerpt).mp3

Gathering of the Toys - (composed by Jarod Facknitz)

The Gathering.mp3

Interlude for Lightning - (excerpt by Peter Slavin)

Slavin Thunder.mp3

President's Day -  (excerpt by Geoffrey Dolce of the band, Lacona)


Closing Credits - Full Version (by Jarod Facknitz and Erin Kathleen Flynn)

What's In Me, What's In You, I'm Going Thru . . ..mp3


Trinity Rag - (composed and performed by Peter Slavin)

Trinity Rag by Peter Slavin.mp3

From the Spare Room -(composed&performed by Jess Mcintosh and Bill Harris)

From the Spare Room.mp3

Collas -(performed by Salvador Montesinos)


Pipes - by Jarod Facknitz


Morning Flight - by Jarod Facknitz


Hope - (by Jarod Facknitz)

Hope Instrumental.mp3


Solo Harp - (composed by Jarod Facknitz)


The Adolescent (composed and performed by Gregor Samsa)

01 Gregor Samsa 1.mp3


Pianoette - (composed by Jarod Facknitz)

06 Track 06.mp3


Empty Nest Lament - discarded demo (composed by Jarod Facknitz)


Finale - (composed by Jarod Facknitz)

Quieter Empty Nest as Opportunty Verion 2.0..mp3


"Drone Low Tranquil" by the Detroit Chop Shop

Episode 6 Music.mp3


"Lights Up" - (composed by Jarod Facknitz)



What I'm Into Now - (by To Josh)

To Josh 1.mp3



Tag, You're It - (written and performed by Joe Grazulis)

Tag, You're It.mp3

Something About Hurricanes - (excerpt by Jeremy Facknitz)

Something About Hurricanes.mp3